These are some samples of prints I have made over the years.
  • Snowflakes I print

    Snowflakes I

  • Snowflakes II print

    Snowflakes II

  • Snowflakes III print

    Snowflakes III

  • OldQuilt I print

    OldQuilt I

  • OldQuilt II print

    OldQuilt II

  • Roanoke Island Seagate print

    Roanoke Island Seagate

  • London Grove Penn Oak print

    London Grove’s
    Penn Oak

  • Year Of The Tiger print

    Year Of The Tiger

  • Carissimi print


  • London Grove Meeting print

    London Grove Meeting

  • Parkersville Meeting print

    Parkersville Meeting

  • Piney Woods Meeting print

    Piney Woods Meeting